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yeah hi

Laurie reminded me of this community, so I figured I'd post, even though I've only made 2 posts in the history of this account. I'll make a quick lame rundown of my life, and anyone who still reads this can follow suit. Or not.

School: currently Umass Amherst, but I hope to move to Portland, OR. I was studying compsci the last few years but switched to criminal justice.

Work: Delivered papers (lawl) for a while, now just doing full-blown (but non-nude) camwhorism. I want to be a bartender this summer, and be around drunks who give tips.

Play: I don't play video games nearly as much as I used to and I tend to stick with older ones when I do. I still love DDR but haven't played a lot in the past year because the arcade machines are too expensive. I am out of shape as a result, and trying to take up pilates. I'm also addicted to okcupid and I think you should all sign up.

Love: I'm with this dork I know from irc. We visit each other once a month or so (mostly I visit him, because I love his city and want to live there). He bought me "The Brave Little Toaster" on DVD, then watched it with me while drunk, then we had rough sex. That about sums up all I ask for.

Hate: not really much of anyone in particular. That all-encompassing anger and hostility you all know and love is still in full swing, of course.
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